Glendale Car Accidents

Jay L. Ciulla went to high school in Glendale, Arizona, at Deer Valley High School.  Now, he chooses to concentrate on personal injury and wrongful death cases, including cases involving Glendale drivers.  Located in nearby Phoenix, Mr. Ciulla is native to the area and is knowledgeable about the streets and highways that make up the transportation network in the Valley of the Sun.  If you are unable to travel to his office, Mr. Ciulla will come to your house or hospital to consult with you.  He values your time, and will not hesitate to let you know whether he will be able to help you or if you should consult with another attorney. 

When you telephone The Ciulla Law Firm, you will speak directly with an experienced attorney who will be able to explain the process to you.  There will be no charge for the initial consultation, and, in fact, the cost of handling the case will come out of the final settlement.  You will not be required to pay any up-front fees.

Mr. Ciulla is a skillful negotiator who will obtain the best settlement possible every time.  Insurance companies prefer to not pay top dollar for a settlement, and they have developed methods of convincing you that you are not entitled to more.  Mr. Ciulla strives to make sure they do not succeed.  

Glendale Car Accidents

Glendale is home of the Gila River Arena, home of the Arizona Coyotes, and the new University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals.  The University of Phoenix Stadium has hosted the Fiesta Bowl, Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLIX as well as many other stellar events.  With a seating capacity of 63,400, the University of Phoenix Stadium ensures plenty of traffic, and traffic mishaps, on game days.  Of course, even when no sports event scheduled, there are plenty of fender benders in Glendale to keep a personal injury attorney busy.

Glendale is intersected by Route 60 on Grand Avenue and encircled by I-17, Loop 101 and Route 10.  Having to many main thoroughfares in the vicinity results in plenty of motor vehicle crashes.

Most accidents in the City of Glendale are investigated by the Glendale Police Department, but collisions on the freeways and highways are investigated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) highway patrol.

Obtaining a Glendale Police Traffic Accident Report requires filling out a Public Records Request form that is available online at  The fee is $5.00 for the first 50 pages and $.10 for each additional page.  You may mail the Record Request form to Glendale Police Department/Records Division,or appear in-person at the Glendale Police Department information desk during normal work hours.

Collisions that occur on the freeways and highways surrounding Glendale, are investigated by the Department of Public Safety (DPS).  DPS crash reports are not available online, but they can be purchased in person or by mail for a small fee.  The Request for Copy of Accident Report is available online at; however, the form must be printed out and either mailed or delivered in person.  The mailing address for the Department of Public Safety is Department Records Section, P.O. Box 6638, Mail Drop 3111, Phoenix, AZ 85005.  The Arizona Department of Public Safety at s open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The office does not accept credit or debit cards; it accepts only cash, business checks or money orders for in-person requests.  Cash and personal checks are not accepted by mail; only money orders and business checks are accepted.  The checks and money orders must be made payable to Arizona Department of Public Safety (ADPS).

Two-year Warning for Personal Injury Cases

Generally, Glendale car accidents have two years following a traffic accident to file a lawsuit; however, in some cases, the deadline is as short as 180 days!  Be sure to consult with an car accident attorney as soon as possible after a traffic accident to determine which deadline will apply in your case.

Immediately after an accident, while you are still feeling stunned and may be experiencing pain, keep the following in mind:

DO NOT talk to the other party except to inquire if they are okay. 

DO NOT agree to a recorded interview with the other party's insurance company. 

DO NOT let the other party talk you out of calling the police, even if the accident appears to be small and the other party offers to “take care” of repairs.

DO NOT share photographs or details about the accident on social media; information about the accident is for your attorney only.

DO NOT attempt to negotiate with the other party's insurance company alone.  Their job is to avoid paying you a fair compensation.

Choosing an Attorney

When you have been involved in an accident in or near Glendale, Arizona, you will have to find an experienced attorney. Make sure that you feel comfortable communicating with the attorney.  Make sure the attorney can communicate in a manner you will be able to understand.  Ask how often you will have to come into the attorney's office while the case is ongoing.  Ask how many cases the attorney settles out of court.  Ask how long cases generally take to settle.  Determine whether the attorney and his staff will value your time.  Ask how long the attorney has been in business, and how many cases he handles at any one time.  You will also want an attorney who is familiar with Glendale and the various thoroughfares in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Contact The Ciulla Law Firm for Immediate Help with Your Glendale Accident

Here at The Ciulla Law Firm, our team generally takes your calls directly.  We are happy to represent your Glendale accident case, and we are proud to obtain the largest settlement possible.  The Ciulla Law Firm works on your Glendale accident case on a contingency basis.  We are not paid unless and until you receive your settlement; consequently, it is important to us to settle for the largest amount possible.  Glendale accident cases are time consuming because all your medical records and bills will have to be obtained from physicians, hospitals and physical therapists.  Our attorney will call you periodically to discuss the progress of your Glendale accident case and assure you that everything is going as planned.  In the meanwhile, instead of doing a crash course on personal injury law, you can be relaxing and concentrating on your recovery.

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