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Jay Ciulla has handled many cases in Mesa, Arizona, since 1997. Presently, he chooses to concentrate on personal injury and wrongful death cases, including Mesa, Arizona car accidents.  He enjoys assisting clients in negotiating with automobile insurance companies and ensuring that they receive full compensation for their losses.  He takes large and small cases because he focuses on helping people who are hurting rather than the cash value of the case.

If you were injured in a Mesa, Arizona automobile accident, you will undoubtedly be stunned and shocked for weeks.  You will be in pain.  You will be stiff and sore.  Insurance companies know this and contact you as soon as possible to obtain a recorded statement.  DO NOT allow them to record answers to questions that are geared toward casting doubt on your memory and/or credibility.  Contact Ciulla Law Firm, PLLC and speak to an experienced attorney who will advise you to not accept less than the full amount you deserve.

The Ciulla Law Firm, PLLC is not paid until you win your settlement.  There is no fee for the initial visit or the subsequent representation until the end when you will be charged a percentage of the settlement and costs.

Mesa Car Accidents

Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona and home of the Oakland Athletics at HoHoKam Park and the Chicago Cubs spring training at Sloan Park.  It is also home to the Arizona Museum of Natural History, Arizona Museum of Youth and the Mesa Arts Center, among other historical and culturally significance venues.  Mesa is encircled by three major highways:  Loop 101 (Pima Freeway), Loop 202 (Red Mountain Freeway) and US Route 60 (Superstition Freeway).  The freeways carry heavy traffic every weekday transporting citizens of Mesa to work in Phoenix, resulting in high vehicle accident rates.

How to Get Your Mesa Accident Report

Most accidents in the City of Mesa are investigated by the Mesa Police Department.  Mesa Police Traffic Accident Reports are available online at  The fee is $5.00 per report.  You will need the Mesa Police Department departmental report number (DR#), the date of the accident, and a valid credit card to access your report for a quick and easy download.  Online access is available for non-criminal and non-fatal accident reports only.

Accidents that occur on the freeways surrounding Mesa are investigated by the Department of Public Safety (DPS).  DPS crash reports can be purchased in person or by mail for a small fee.  The mailing address for the Department of Public Safety is Department Records Section, P.O. Box 6638, Mail Drop 3111, Phoenix, AZ 85005.  The Arizona Department of Public Safety at 2222 West Encanto Boulevard is open during normal business hours. 

The Request for Copy of Accident Report is available online at

Mesa Courts

If you, by chance, receive a citation for a traffic infraction or you are a witness in a case resulting from a car accident in mesa, your case might be heard in one of several Mesa courts:

Mesa Municipal Court, 250 East 1st Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85201

West Mesa Justice Court, 20250 West University Drive, Mesa AZ 85201

East Mesa Justice Court, 4811 East Julep Street, Mesa, AZ 85205

North Mesa Justice Court, 1837 South Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210

Do not despair if you receive a citation as a result of a car accident. The officer who investigated could have been mistaken about the facts of the case or the law; especially if you were transported to the emergency room before he arrived on the scene.  Often, citizens have presented their side of the story to the Judge and succeeded in negating the citation. Always consult with an attorney familiar with Mesa car accident cases before going to court.

Statute of Limitations - Do not delay!

In the majority of instances, you have two years following a traffic accident in Mesa, Arizona to file a lawsuit; however, in some cases, the deadline is just 180 days!  Be sure to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after a traffic accident to determine the deadline that applies in your case.

After an accident, while you are still feeling dazed and full of aches and pain, keep the following in mind:

DO NOT talk to the other party after the accident except to inquire if they are okay. 

DO NOT agree to a recorded interview with the at-fault party's insurance company. 

DO NOT let the other party talk you out of calling the Mesa police - not even if the accident appears to be small and the other party offers to “take care” of repairs.

DO NOT share photographs or details about the accident on social media; information about the accident is for your Mesa attorney only.

DO NOT attempt to negotiate with the at-fault party's insurance company.  The claims adjuster's job is to avoid paying you a fair compensation.

How to Choose an Experienced Attorney for your Mesa Car Accident

Choose an attorney with whom you can communicate with ease.  Ensure that the attorney can explain legal concepts in layman's terms.  Ensure that the attorney is respectful of your time.  Ensure that the attorney generally settles out of court.  Ensure that the attorney is experienced and has been in business for a significant period of time.

Contact The Ciulla Law Firm

Here at The Ciulla Law Firm, PLLC you will receive personal attention.  I can speak to you by telephone, or come to see you in you in Mesa, Arizona. We are happy to represent you, and we are proud to obtain a satisfactory settlement for you. We will help you find affordable medical care in Mesa.  We will obtain your medical records and bills for exhibits.  Because settlements are not obtained overnight, our attorney will call you periodically to discuss the progress of the case.  In the meanwhile, relax and concentrate on your recovery.

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