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Car Crash Photography Tips from a Personal Injury Attorney

Posted by Jay L. Ciulla | Feb 07, 2014 | 0 Comments

When meeting with a new motor vehicle accident client, I always ask about whether they have photographs. Since almost everyone now carries a camera (cellphone) on them, I usually get some photographs. However, usually these photos could be better. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some car crash photography tips from a personal injury lawyer:

  1. Take photos at the scene. If you are physically able - take photographs. If you are injured, ask someone else to take them. Snap pictures of the position of the vehicles, the skid marks, road conditions etc. Don't rely on the police to take these photographs after a collision, because usually they don't.
  2. After the dust settles photograph your vehicle.  Snap photos of the VIN number (on the dash near the windshield), the license plate, the odometer reading, and numerous angles around the vehicle.  Take extra photos of the most heavily damaged areas.  Get some of the inside of the vehicle; sometimes, these show blood or how that the air bag went off,
  3. Document when/where the photos were taken.
  4. Have someone take photographs of your injuries at various stages in the healing process.
  5. Take a lot of photographs.  Now that photos are digital, you can take dozens without worrying about using up film.
  6. Save the photos! Save the photos to your computer or drop box now before your phone breaks or gets lost.  On several occasions, I have had clients lose the important photographs because their cellular phone is lost or broken.
  7. Don't turn the photographs over to the insurance company, until you speak with an experienced attorney.

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